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EG Chemicals & Engineering Sdn Bhd (enGreen) is a water treatment and engineering company that has been providing water management solutions since 2000. Dedicated towards the management and provision of non-chemical water treatment solutions, enGreen has provided superior engineering expertise and back end support to both local and international clients.


Dedicated towards the provision, management and support of non-chemical water trearment systems that provide Solutions For A Better Tomorrow.

CSR & Thinking Green

Our water treatment systems have been accredited with both the ISO 14000 and Green Building requirements. enGreen's green technology efforts are also enhanced with Green Building Index and Green Mark Points, which is a building recognition programme that recognises the use of sustainable vremodelling and building methods and technologies to conserve energy, water and other natural resources.


We supply other water treatment solutions to solve problems that are encountered by industrial plant operators and commercial users alike. Our services include the following:

  • Repair, service or installation of chemical metering pump and other related chemical feeders.

  • Servicing, maintenance and refurbishment of industrial water treatment equipment and systems.

  • Regeneration of ion exchange resins and replacement of filtration media such as resin, carbon, sand and etc.

  • Complete Range of Chlorine Releasing Chemicals.

  • Stabilized Bacteria Culture for Effluent Treatment.

  • Flocculants for raw water and wastewater treatment.

  • Bacteria supply for grease and sewage treatment control.

  • Corrosion And Scale Inhibitors

  • Micro-Biocide

  • Routine Chilled Water Servicing

  • Chilled Water Analysis

  • Chemical Dosing System

  • Chilled Water System Flushing

  • Corrosion And Scale Inhibitors

  • Softener

  • pH Adjuster

  • Sludge Conditioner

  • Hardness Conditioner

  • Chelant On line Descalent

  • Routine Boiler Water Servicing

  • Boiler Water Analysis

  • Chemical Dosing System

enGreen Non-Chemical Water Treatment Sys